MagnetPedalSystem  -  Safety Instructions and Directions for use

Category of people:

not to be used by persons with heart pacemaker.


Category of bicycles:

Not to be used on bikes with rear coaster brake system.


Shoes for utilization of the magnetic pedal system:

Preferably touring biking shoes with SPD-option (no race shoes with coarse profile)


Pedals suited for insertion of the supplementary magnetic kit:

all pedals (normal size) of type ’bear paws/platform’ with vertical aluminum side walls, which allow the screw-in of pedal-reflectors and have a free space between axle body and sidewall of 20×32 millimeters minimum.


Safety instructions for handling the magnets:

the magnets should be hold separately during the assembly, 20 cm minimum

always assemble just one magnet into the pedal then the next one.

Keep a minimum distance of 20 cm to all electronic devices, watches, computers, electronic storage mediums, phones, credit and code cards


Use of Pedals:

Step on:

the shoe should get closer to the pedal from behind from a somewhat higher position. Ball of

the foot over the pedal axle. The shoe gets attracted by the magnets, to accomplish a

perfect magnetic connection it may be necessary to make a slight twisting of the heels back

and force, the resulting click (noise) confirms the optimal foot position.


Step off:

In normal situations one gets off the pedal with minor effort by moving the knees

outwards respectively the tilting of the shoes away from the pedal surface.


In emergency situations an instantaneous separation of the shoe from the pedal can be

accomplished by an upward tugging of the foot.