MagnetPedalSystem  -  Assembly Instructions

Assembly of the shoe plates:

preamble: when your biking shoe has a very small over-shaped recessed area it may be necessary to remove 1-2mm material of the sole sideways to get more space for the corners of the shoe plate (take a carpet knife or a knife with short blade)

remove the cover for SPD-cleat-insertion in the sole of the bike shoe by screwing or tearing off, depending on type of shoe

turn the shoe upside down and insert the shoe plate together with small 2-hole-plate into the recessed area of the sole, eventually under laying the plate with black distance plate(s), depending on type of the sole a small and/or a big one may be needed. The shoe plate should be positioned about 2 millimeters within the sole.

insert a hexagon-socket-head screw and tighten it slightly(advice: for easy holding the position of the shoe plate one can put a pin or alike into the 2nd hole)

insert the 2nd hexagon-socket-head screw and tighten it slightly

insertion of the screws with ultimate length:

 when no or just one distance plate is used:10mm

 when 2 distance plates are used:12mm

determination of the position of the shoe plate:

 the shoe plate can be offset more or less in longitudinal(direction for getting the optimal position of shoe plate(i.e. middle of shoe plate under ball of your foot)

final fastening of shoe plate by tightening alternately left and right screw


Mounting the pedals at the bike:

use wrench 15mm size

right pedal tightening by clockwise rotation

left pedal tightening by counterclockwise rotation


Adjustment of the pedals:

Depending on the utilized shoe type as well as the degree of wear of its sole it may be useful

to alter the free spring movement of the magnets by turning the self-securing nut.

The spring movement should be adjusted in so far as a relatively tight hold of the

shoe on the pedal is resulting.