• Optimal Power Transmission by Gravity

The patented Magnet Pedal System  (Goldmedal winner at the international Inventor Convention IENA 2007) is able by the usage of  High-Energy Neodym Magnets to create highest tensile force onto the pedal to improve the accleration effeciently and to increase the speed on hills. A constant tread motion (smooth tread) comes automatically.

The tensile forceof the Magnet Pedal guarantee a permanent optimal grip of the shoes onto the pedal. With the alternative usage of other cleat plates (enclosed) you can improve the attractive force by another 20 % for really agressive biking.

The open wide construction, including the movable parts, includes the self-cleaning feature which leads to no intereference during usage.


  • Ergonomics through free moving space (Floating)

The Magnet Pedal System allows a free selectable foot posture which can be changed any time during riding. It is guaranteed that knee damage is prevented as far as possible.

Further on you improve your riding efficientliy by using more and other muscles through the feature that you are permament connected to the pedal.


  • Saftety through Mulit Position exit

The system allows you to release suddenly and direct from the permanent contact from all directions. You can for example release easily with less power by inclining the foot sidewards.

An immediate release can be reached by a sudden vertical movement (for example in a critical situation).


  • Usage of the pedal with normal shoes

You can use this Pedal System on both sides with normal shoes. The magnets are designed that they are discharged inside the pedal construction automatically.

The magnet cleat plates fit to the SPD system shoes.